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Medicine Wheel Series - every other Saturday

The Medicine Wheel is an encircled cross. The encircled cross is a universal symbol found among the indigenous earth-oriented peoples of the world. They used the Wheel as a means of ordering and understanding the world. The circle represents the earth. The circle is divided into quarters along the horizon, usually based on astronomical observations of the solstices and the equinoxes, to understand space. The phases of the moon gave the first method of keeping time. The quarters can be assigned to the four cardinal directions, and these in turn, represent times of the day, of the seasons of the year, and of a person's life. Studying the Medicine Wheel can help you to become a more powerful, centered, and grounded person, and to give your life meaning and purpose.

“Medicine” means “power”. Power means life force, your personal energy, focused and directed to your purpose in life. Power is your personal power, and your ability and strength to use it for your own good and the good of others.

Join us for 4 classes on the foundation of the Medicine Wheel, including symbolism, understanding the indigenous worldview, choosing your stones, creating a Medicine Wheel, and more. These classes will be experiential and meditative, with homework.

For greatest benefit please commit to all 4 classes, as they build on one another. We will meet every other Saturday starting February 20th through March and the beginning of April. More classes will be added later if desired.

$10 per class

Donata Ahern is a Buffalonian, Certified Hypnotherapist, MSW, Shamanic Practitioner and Author of "The Medicine Wheel: Path of the HEART".

For more information or prepayment, see her website:

Later Event: March 16
Dao In Lung Shen Yoga