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Energy Palpation Series : EP 1 : February 2016

Based on the premise that human bodies and human consciousness are systems of energy, Energy Palpation is a form of viewing, accessing and healing these energy systems. Set in three stages of learning, Energy Palpation Workshops at the HEAT Center aim to give you insight into your own energy systems, help you discover your energetic boundaries and how those boundaries interact with the world, and how to facilitate healing in your own and another's energy system. For payment options contact Emily Ball; see her info below.

EP 1 is an introduction to the chakra system, learning what psychological and physiological aspects impact each chakra and what herbs, crystals, physical movements, etc may be used to focus and heal individual chakras. This workshop will convene seven times to thoroughly explore the seven chakras and will include informational packets as well as herbs, crystals, essential oils etc associated with that classes chakra. Taking all seven classes is recommended however, drop-ins are welcome!

Pricing for EP 1: Weekly classes are $20; Prepay for all 7 classes for $105; Drop-in's welcome at $25

EP 2 takes a step further into exploring the chakra system, it's affect on different organ and endocrine systems, bringing healing to those systems and discovering the layers of the energetic boundaries beyond the body.

Pricing for EP 2: Prepay for all 4 classes for $60; dropping into any EP 2 class costs $25

EP 3 has a Prerequisite of EP 1 and EP 2. This class is designed for two people to work together in a space of perfect trust as they explore and deeply heal one another's energy systems.

Pricing for EP 3: Prepay for at least 4 sessions of EP 3 for $80, for each class after that we can negotiate a price

Energy Palpation Workshops are facilitated by Emily Ball, licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. While studying at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2008, Emily was fortunate to be able to work with the school's director of that time, Theresa Wilkes, and another student in an energy palpation class. Prior to massage school, Emily studied the chakra system, healing crystals, healing herbs, essential oils, shamanic practices and much more (see her Bio for details). Using the EP classes from FLSM as a base Emily integrated Reiki concepts and her history of healing exploration to build her Energy Palpation Workshops.

Happy Healing!