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Self-Care Classes
Instruction ranges from deep relaxation and meditation, to moving with the breath and simple stretches. In each class, anatomy is occasionally discussed and questions are welcome.

Simple Stretch Classes      

 These classes are offered every Tuesday 6-7pm from September through June, when a class space is available. Simple Stretch Class is designed to bring more limber-ness to your body and is appropriate for any age or level of flexibility. In these classes we work through a warm-up and then stretch different areas of the body including the head, neck & TMJ, shoulders, arms & hands, torso, hips, legs, knees & feet. There is a guided meditation at the end.

Mastering Energy and Reiki Certification Series
This series is for people already aware of and believing in energetic components of life who want more understanding control over personal and universal energy systems. The higher level classes move beyond foundations to working to heal other people, communities, etc.

Classes are based on learning the science behind energy work, some history of the Chakra system and history of Reiki, Reiki attunements, and some things that are more difficult to describe and are learned/experienced through guided meditation & deeper work with the self.

Mastering Energy 1 Foundations with Reiki level 1

In this class we will

  1.  discuss the science behind energy in our bodies, our environment and beyond.

  2. create a foundation for your relationship with your energy.

  3.  tap into a personal wellspring of universal energy.

  4.  establish and maintain energetic boundaries.

  5.  develop confidence and courage in working with energy.

  6.  receive Reiki level 1 attunements.

  7. dedicate a week to working with each of the 7 Chakras.

Starting with atoms and working our way through whole-body bioelectricity, the science behind energy work will include light chemistry and biology lessons. This is followed by a brief history of of the Chakra system, with further Chakra discussions on potentiating each Chakra with herbs, crystals, food, elements, flower essences, essential oils, body movements, and more. We will also work with clearing techniques and hold discussions on each Chakra’s psychological aspects and states of balance and imbalance. We will complete a series of guided meditations, getting you more in-tune with your energy and its power centers. 

Time commitment for this class: This class convenes for one hour once a week for 7 consecutive weeks, possibly one more meeting if we need the time. Light snacks and will be tea provided. There will be follow up homework & check in's during the weeks between classes via the Mastering Energy & Reiki Workshop facebook page (or another online forum tbd). The goal of this class is to create a greater understanding of personal energy, develop foundations and boundaries, and create a resource from which you can draw on universal energy.

Energetic Exchange for this class: $350

Can be combined with level 2 at a discounted price, see below.

Mastering Energy 2 Healing Self and Other with Reiki level 2
Prerequisite of ME 1 & Reiki 1. 

ME 2 & Reiki 2 can be taken as soon as offered after ME1 & Reiki 1.

In this class we will

  1. learn about the body's endocrine system and it's relationship to our chakra system.

  2. initiate a relationship with your spirit guides and ancestor helpers through exploring our psychic selves.

  3. receive the history of Reiki, level 2 symbols, practice using Reiki with others and an attunement to Reiki level 2.

  4. explore energetic layers beyond the body, working with one another, and distance healing. 

  5. discuss ethics in pricing your appointments and universal precautions for safety in practicing bodywork

That's right, more biology! As we understand the mechanisms of how our physical bodies maintain homeostasis, we will be more effective in attaining balance energetically. One of the goals of this class is to create a greater understanding of what is yours and what is not yours energetically, and we practice this by working with another being's energy system, near and afar. We initiate a relationship with our individual guides to maintain a link to our intuition to help us in decision making and determining situations. 

Includes Reiki level 1 & 2 manual and certification upon completion of this course

Time Commitment for this class: this class will convene on a Friday from 6-9pm, again on that Saturday from 12-9pm, and potentially that Sunday from 11am -3pm if more time is warranted. Light snacks will be provided on Friday and Sunday, Saturday will include a catered lunch. There will be homework prior to class: a light review of ME 1.

Energetic Exchange for this class: $250 (this price includes the Reiki 1 & 2 manual)

Level 2 will be scheduled one to two weeks after level 1.

*Cost for both level one and two is $450

Mastering Energy 3 The Business of Energy with Reiki level 3/Master Teacher

Prerequisite of ME 1 & Reiki 1, and ME 2 & Reiki 2.

in this class we will

  1. discuss the science of stress

  2. learn about quantum theories in relation to energetic frequencies and healing

  3. work further with our Psychic senses and guides

  4. you will receive Reiki Master Teacher symbols and attunement

  5. discuss ethics in pricing your classes and the basics of teaching Reiki

  6. discuss the business of opening a practice; tax forms, etc.

Includes Reiki Master Teacher manual and certification upon completion of this course

Time Commitment for this class:  a Friday from 6-9pm, again on that Saturday from 12-8pm. Light snacks will be provided on Friday, Saturday will be catered. Homework prior to class will be assigned: a light review of ME 1 & 2 as well as a film to watch.

Energy exchange for this class: $200

Mastering Energy 4 Coherence Tools with Advanced Reiki Techniques

Prerequisite of ME3 & Reiki 3

In this class we will

  1. Discuss the science of injuries and trauma, how trauma can be held in the body and ancestry and how we can heal our ancestral traumas

  2. learn about heart coherence and the importance of using the nervous system alongside intuition

  3. how to program your pendulum and explore other new tools for energetic healing

  4. what an energy healing session might look like

Includes Advanced Reiki Technique certification upon completion of this course.

Time commitment for this class: TBD

Energy exchange for this class: $200