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Sensitive & Empathic October Workshop Series


Many of us find ourselves living in a stressful, strange world. We can manage stress & be happy!

Location: HEAT Center, 1300 Niagara St. Buffalo,

Days & Time: 1-3 pm each Saturday in October 2018.

Cost: $15

Preregistration/ RSVP required:

1. ESSENTIAL ENERGY & MEDITATION: Increase beneficial flow, set filters, shield, and ground. Create sacred space and simple ceremony. Experience different methods of meditation, active & passive. Oct. 6: 1-3 

2. ESSENTIAL TOOLS – PART I Dowsing is an ancient tool, both practical and magical. Learn to communicate, program, and work with dowsing tools. You are only limited by your imagination! Oct.13: 1-3 pm

3. ESSENTIAL TOOLS – PART II Walking a labyrinth balances energy and can find answers to problems, balance the chakras, and as a meditation. TAP - tapping meridian points to change emotional response to situations, and aid physical well-being. Oct. 20:1-3 pm

4. ESSENTIAL QUALITIES FOR A BALANCED LIFE. Pivotal qualities can be seen in the hand. The palm gives us Openness and Awareness and shows the unity among the others: Forgiveness, Non-Judgmental Acceptance, Gratitude, Compassion, and Trust. Humility and a sense of Humor are further needed for a stress-free life. They all lead to the same place…. The Child’s Fire within our heart center… our personal center- the place where we find Spirit. Oct/27:1-3 pm

Presenter: Donata Ahern, MSW, CHT, and Shamanic Counselor