our classroom

our classroom

Attending a Native American Medicine Wheel Series of Workshops, led by Donata Ahern:

"The Heat Center is a well thought out collective. The calming energy is felt the moment you walk through the secured doorway. As a visitor you are welcomed with complementary teas selections and healthy snacks.
There is a community room to hold classes and workshops as well as numerous practitioners who offer healing services in different modalities. I highly recommend this healing center. Stop by and see it for yourself. ☮ "

- Leeba Gellman, Buffalo NY 2016

Attending an Energy Palpation workshop led by Emily Ball:

"So grateful for the time I spent at HEAT at multiple events/classes. I feel so warm and comfortable every time when I'm there. No matter how crazy the day has been for me, the space and practitioners give me the ability to let go of everyday matters and really look into myself and relax."

- Katrina Cosgrove, Buffalo, NY 2016



" Emily is an amazing massage therapist! After receiving a massage from Emily, I feel so much better than when I arrived. She individualizes my massage to fit my needs and every massage is different based on what I am currently experiencing. Her hands are magic. Her passion shines through. I give her my highest recommendation. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

- Jessica Bedell, Educator, Counselor                                   Buffalo, NY 2016

"This was not my first massage with Emily but I can tell you that it certainly won't be my last. She is focused and diligent about my needs every time I come in for a session, thorough and professional. I have had massages for the last 20 years because I feel they are an integral part of self care, and I can tell you that I have never been happier as I have been with the energy, education and results that I have experienced at the HEAT Center with Emily."

-Kerrykate Abel,  Singer, Educator, Theater Artist               Buffalo, NY 2017

"I have a naturally whimsical airy-fairy personality and I often have a hard time getting grounded. What does that mean? It means I have a hard time consciously choosing a realistic, sensible, and stable lifestyle despite my solid career and fervent purpose in life. I am actually incredibly apprehensive about who I let actually touch my body but I knew from the moment I met Emily that she was the one that could help me, that she was safe and that she knew what was up. She has a warrior type demeanor, without the intensity, and you will know right away when you meet here that she doesn't play with smoke and mirrors. I'm not kidding when I say I had a really neat visual experience when she was massaging me; As my eyes were closed I saw waves of color as she pressed on certain trigger points. Afterwards she did a Reiki/energy clearing, One might ask, "What is really happening if she is not even touching me?", and to be honest I don't know. I do know that I had an experience where colorful visions and distinct memories (recent and old) floated into my inner vision as my eyes were closed & various emotions rose up and disintegrated. This, combined with the auditory experience of my breathing & the cars whooshing by, really did something to me. When I stood up from her table I felt lighter but more solid, if that makes sense. I appreciated that Emily sat and listened to me for a long time before the experience and further, I believe she could hear the language of my body beyond my words. On top of all that, I had no idea how hilarious Emily is and although this session was serious she was able to bring me back to a place of laughter at the trifling aspects of the human experience. To boot, as I was heading out of the HEAT center there was a drum class happening & it was as though I was serenaded out the door by one of the most grounding of all sounds, the Djembe! Everyone will have their own unique experience with Emily because she will tap into your energy exclusively & individually. This was MY experience and I know that I have found my home at the HEAT center. To know for certain that I have access to someone who can really care for me, helps me withstand the treacherous realities of life that consistently plague me, without losing my mind. Kind of a big deal...do what you want."

-Mary Beth Hamilton, High School World History Teacher Buffalo, NY 2017

" I have had massaged from therapists practicing at some of the top rated spas across the United States. Carrie is among the best massage therapists I have ever had. She is extraordinarily well grounded and has a wonderfully healing touch. "

-  Elizabeth Griffiths 2016