Rev. Karmynn Grimmer

Rev. Karmynn Grimmer

 Access Consciousness, Distance Healing, Medical Massage, Reiki, Reverendship

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Rev.Karmynn Grimmer, LMT

Medical Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher,   Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

"Karmynn has been working with divine spirit her whole life. This is because she is a divine spirit channel; divine spirit works through her. When she does a readings she only communicates with the divine.There for when she puts her hands-on someone for healing  or  massage , divine spirit works through her to give her clients the highest most healing they are capable of receiving at the time or that they are open to." ~Yeshua channeled by Karmynn

Karmynn received her Reiki I and II attunement in 1997 from Ahrayna Zakos in Buffalo, NY while also beginning shamanic training with Carol Steiner at the Heart Wind Center in Clarence, NY. This combination of study allowed her to recall and retain universal truths she learned in childhood and carry them with her on her journey. She attained master and teacher levels of Reiki in 2005 from E. Barrie Kavasch.

Karmynn was trained in Aveda hair, skincare, and essential oils in 2001 under the tutelage of Carol St. Amand Romer at the Aveda concept salon  A New Beginning in Bethel, Connecticut. While working for Carol Romer as her assistant, a Reiki Master and Shaman, an Aveda advisor as well as an Aveda trained chair massage therapist Karmynn was able to study and become certified in cosmetology and massage therapy, adding those skill sets to her work with Aveda. She graduated and attained certification in cosmetology from the American Academy for Cosmetology in Danbury Connecticut in 2003 and received certification in Wellness Coaching and Massage Therapy from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy on the Newington and Westport campuses of Connecticut in 2005.

Her professional relationship with Ms.Romer grew strong and through this connection Karmynn met many people who became influential to her healer's journey. Among those she had the fortune of knowing were Lee Carroll, a psychic and channeling advisor for the UN and author of Indigo Children; Peggy Phoenix Dubro of the Divine Lattice; Trudy Griswold author of Angel Speak; a remarkable group of Shamans from Peru; Horst, the founder of Aveda. Also, this is where she met E. Barrie Kavasch, author of Medicine Wheel Garden and her Reiki Master teacher who also guided her through further Shamanic training and Medicine Wheel Reiki Mastership Certification in Bridgewater CT from 2003 to 2005.

In 2006 and early 2007, Karmynn had the fortune of working as a residential Shaman at The Lodge at Woodlock in Hawley, Pennsylvania. There she offered myriad services such as bodywork, massage, Reiki, crystal therapies, Tai Chi and Chi Gong instruction as well as taking clients on hiking journeys.

All of this prepared Karmynn for her trip to Hawaii in 2007 where she studied Lomi Lomi massage and Pohaku Hot Stone Therapies. Later that year and through 2008 she journeyed to Japan for Tenrikyo Missionary Training and Spiritual Development courses or Shuyoka and was certified in Yoboku Status.

Karmynn went back to the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy at Westpoint in 2010 and 2011 for another two years of study focused in clinical Medical Massage. In 2011 she studied Access Consciousness in both the BARS and MTVSS formats.

Detailed Pricing                                                            Couples Massage                    60 min $200                            90 min, $250

 Energetic Healing

Healing Treatment                   2 hours, $150
Includes: Massage, Reiki, cord removal, Chakra Tune Up, entity removal and access consciousness treatments.

Distance Healing:                         90 mins, $85 Includes: post session worksheet E-mailed to you.

Chakra Tune Up     $45

Reiki                                                        30 min, $45
                      60 min, $85
Distance Reiki                                    60min, $85  Includes: post session worksheet  will be E-mailed to you.

Access Consciousness

BARS: one hour, $75 -MTVSSIncludes either of both brain and body treatments (BARS and MTVSS)

Spiritual Guidance

Readings                                 15 min, $35
30 min, $60
                      45 min, $75                     60 min, $100

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