Life Coaching

A life coach partners up with you to assess and help you achieve your self-growth goals; to get from where you are in your life now to where you want to be. Coaches support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable for creating a vision for yourself and achieving your life goals. One-on-one coaching sessions can either be conducted over the phone or in person. The coach creates a space in which the client feels safe and together they build a relationship of  honesty and trust.  During that half hour to an hour, the coach holds space for the client and they work together to achieve the clients goals.

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Making the decision to embark on a personal development journey through life coaching is a brave and empowering step, and the fact that you may be feeling both intimidated and exhilarated is an indication that you’re making the right choice! Hold on to that excitement and keep going because a free consultation, introduction to coaching and open hearted conversation awaits you.

Initial Consultation

Once you schedule your free consultation your coach will email you preliminary paperwork to be completed and returned electronically prior to your session. Your coaches contact information as well as directions to the HEAT Center will also be provided if you are meeting in person. Completing this initial paperwork outside of the session allows for more time to talk, get to know each other and provides your coach with a little bit of information about you before you meet. This will typically include an intake form and a brief questionnaire to help you prepare, focus and prioritize your goals and reasons for seeking a life coach.

In this introductory session you and your coach will review what coaching is, you’ll briefly go over the initial paperwork you completed and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your current situation, why you decided to explore coaching and what your hopes and goals are for your potential work together. If you feel like your coach and the coaching process are a good fit for you this is the perfect time to schedule your official first session and discuss payment options for moving forward.

A Typical Session

At the start of each meeting there will be an initial “check in” where you can let your coach know where you’re at that day as well as anything you feel is important to note that occurred since your last session. Next you'll discuss the focus of your session with the help of a pre-session form you can complete prior to each meeting to help you focus and get the most out of your session. Another way to initiate clarity and preparedness for your sessions is basic self-care. Be sure to have had a snack, water and at least a few minutes of quiet time before beginning your session – whether in your car if meeting in person or in a comfortable space in your home if meeting via phone, Skype, or Zoom. This can make a huge difference for you both mentally and emotionally.

It’s also recommended that you are prepared to take notes during each session to keep a record of what comes up for you and what you’re working on as this will better assist your progress between sessions. Coaching is all about taking action, from baby steps to big leaps, so you may receive personal work assignments designed by you and your coach to do between each meeting. At the start of every coaching session you can go over your progress and assignments as well as any wins or challenges you faced. Keeping some kind of journal, whether in your coaching session notebook, electronically or in a separate journal is another great way to be able to track your growth, progress and personal development.

As you near the end of the session your coach will check in with you again to make sure you are complete with the discussion, any “a-ha” moments, briefly revisit the most meaningful, helpful parts of the session and work with you on creating a plan/action items for you to work on before the next session. The main goal is for you to get the most value possible out of every coaching session, so know that if anything in the session was unhelpful or ineffective for you at the moment feel free to let you coach know this as well. At this time you can schedule your next appointment, or make any changes to your confirmed regular schedule if necessary.

Ending Your Work Together

If you have committed to a three month agreement and you’re approaching that time, you and you coach will discuss the next best course of action. You can choose to make another three month commitment, or cut back to monthly, quarterly or annually meetings to maintain all of your hard work and the phenomenal changes you’ve made. Alternately, when you find that most of your discussions are around having achieved everything you’ve set out to accomplish in your work together it may be time to celebrate and bring your sessions to an end. Note that the same choices are available to you in terms of following up with your coach in the future.

Please keep in mind that coaching is a helpful tool at many times in life and for many reasons. After you’ve ended your sessions with your coach, know that you can pick them back up at any time – for a check in, to accomplish something specific and/or for ongoing support through whatever comes up in life.