James Grimmer Jr. LMT, LaC

James Grimmer Jr. LMT, LaC

Acupuncture for pain syndromes. 

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James Grimmer Jr. LMT, LaC

Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Reflexology, Tarot, Drummer, Martial Arts

Jim and his wife Karmynn are two of only a few  massage therapists practicing privately in the Buffalo area. They are able to provide couples massage not offered by a chain or major corporation. As a husband and wife healing team of massage therapists, they are trained in Swedish, deep tissue and medical massage.

Jim was trained in Lomi Lomi massage by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim.

Jim has found the combination of acupuncture, cupping and massage to be extremely beneficial. The benefit of addressing both the muscles through massage, and nerves through acupuncture  is exponential for the elimination and moderation of pain. It has been so effective that in many cases it has actually reduced the number of visits many clients would have required to evolve to a better state of health.

Jim is a Buffalo born resident of Western NY, a graduate of the NY Institute of Massage in Williamsville NY in 2007, and the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Houston TX in 2013. After graduate school he returned home to settle down and start a family here in Western NY.

Detailed Pricing
Acupuncture: 1.5 hour, $125
Integrated Lomi Lomi: 1 hour, $100
Cupping: $65
Aupuncture and Massage: 1.5 hour $200
Couples Massage: $200

Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi means "to knead, to rub or soothe; to work in and out, as the paws of a contented cat", in Hawaiian. Using the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, knees, feet, even sticks and stones on clients, with or without lubrication. Integrated Lomi Lomi is a style that uses Lomi Lomi as a foundation but integrates other techniques as needed. These other modalities could range from medical massage to ART, depending on what the client needs.

A Chinese therapy that uses glass or plastic cups which are vacuumed to the clients body. Benefits of cupping are stimulated blood flow, balancing and realigning Qi, breaking up obstructions and helping to draw toxins out of the body.