Detailed Pricing
I offer gift certificates, session packages, family discounts  and economic hardship pricing, just ask!

One hour session   $75 (*medical massage available)
Ninety minute session   $110 (*medical massage available)
Two-hour session   $150

* Medical massage sessions are focused on a particular area of concern, such as a trauma, frozen joint, repetitive motion injury,  or rehabilitation from surgery or cancer. I will work on synergistic and antagonistic muscle groups to support overall healing. This type of massage is normally deep and may involve some stretches. It is considered intense but not painful. Follow-up stretches, hydrotherapy and other 'homework' may be offered. Depending on the severity of the medical concern, weekly or bi-weekly sessions may be suggested.

Reiki & Energy Healings
These sessions include using Usui Reiki multidimensionally, chakra balancing, and the possibility of attachment & cord removal; working with energetic guidance from my and your spirit guides and ancestors. These sessions can be done in person or over distance. Notes on the experience are offered.

30 minutes   $40
one hour   $70

Massage & Reiki

One hour   $100

Ninety minutes  $130

Two hours   $160

Why the price difference? My Reiki & energetic healing appointments are deeply spiritual to me and having to sort of switch gears or modes of working takes extra effort. In my practice, the preparation for a massage session is different from an energetic healing session.

Schedule a Nap at the End of Your Session

-must be noted at time of scheduling

ten minutes       $5

fifteen minutes  $10

half hour           $30