A moment of rest and energetic holding before continuing a therapeutic massage session.

A moment of rest and energetic holding before continuing a therapeutic massage session.

Styles and Modalities
Specializing in Connective Tissue and Neuro-Muscular Therapies while integrating myofascial release, reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Thai massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy. Multidimensional Usui Reiki.

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Emily Ball, LMT

HEAT Center Founder & Director,  Massage Therapist,  Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Energy & Movement classes with certifications

I am a licensed and insured massage therapist in New York State. After completing a 1,000 hour certification program from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY, I received my license to practice in 2009. I was certified in Reiki levels I and II with Carolyn Musial and Reiki Master Teacher Level with Melanie Rimkus.

In my practice, I work to relieve chronic pain and tension from injury, everyday stress and repetitive motion syndromes. I believe that an “intense but not painful” approach is more beneficial than creating destructive pain sensations. My goal is to provide opportunities for clients to relax into their unique healing experience by introducing healthy and dynamic movements, and sensations to the body and mind. The focus of my work includes being present, clear in intention and enabling communication as it creates a greater awareness for both client and practitioner, and allows me to adapt to the needs and preferences of each individual. Combining an intuitive use of gentle stretches, acupressure points, and deeper muscle tissue work while responding to subtle energetic patterns. My experience includes working with patients in pre-natal, birth and post-natal, forms of bursitis, sciatica, rotator cuff trauma, carpal tunnel, and thoracic outlet syndromes, whiplash, post-surgery, conditions of cancer and remission, diverticulitis, Rheumatoid, and other forms of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, HIV, AIDS and COPD. I have also participated with clients in massage and reiki as a part of their end of life journey. 

Emily is a wonderful medical massage therapist— very skilled and intuitive. She has created a wonderful healing space at the HEAT Center on Niagara Street. I highly recommend her services.
— Amanda Rayburg

I've been blessed to have bodywork and hands-on healing as an instinctual part of my life since childhood and a part of my bloodline for generations. While studying Theater at the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, I undertook modern dance, Afro-Cuban percussion, and herbalism classes and was introduced to essential oils and healing crystals. Utilizing these extra studies in conjunction with vision work from theater training I undertook shamanic journeying in my spare time. I knew before graduating high school that I wanted to live a life steeped in the healing arts.

Prior to gaining my massage therapy license, I studied art and anthropology at Buffalo State College and the University of New Orleans, developing an aesthetic interest in the human form through drawing & sculpture, and scientific interest through evolution & biology studies. During college and afterward, I worked at health food stores in Buffalo which allowed me to further explore the relationship between the human body, plants, minerals and scents. During my studies at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, I worked with the school's director at the time, Theresa Wilke's, and another student in Theresa's energy palpation workshops, learning to facilitate energetic evolution based on the chakra system. These studies have combined seamlessly with my Reiki training and are the basis for my Mastering Energy workshops. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a grounding platform to work with people in healing and share some of what I've learned on my journey thus far.

 In my life, I appreciate animals and plants, and I enjoy knitting, painting, writing, dancing, sculpting, rhythms and sound, martial arts, gardening, creating in general, sharing wisdom, magick, and celebrating the inter-connectedness of all things.

Non-Toxic Bodywork: using certified organic and fairly traded jojoba oil and shea butter. Massage products containing propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol or petroleum by-products / toxic substances are not used. Products that have been tested on animals are not used. Some bleach cleaning products are used in adherence with Universal Precautions for health and safety.

Since moving to Buffalo over 2 years ago, I had the remarkable luck to have happened upon Emily Ball, as a massage therapist. Brief context: while in Baltimore, where I moved to Buffalo from, I had sessions with 6 or 7 (at least) therapists before finding one who came close to being effective for me. Emily was the first therapist I tried in Buffalo, and it was apparent from day one that she was better than any lmt I’d previously worked with. I subscribe to massage therapy as an essential part of my health care. As a practitioner, I find Emily listens to what I describe, as physical issues, and at least as importantly “listens to my body” as she works. Emily’s deep tissue work, which I favor, IS deep, but intuitively she gets there in a deliberate fashion so that my body is able to accept, rather than resist, what it is she’s doing. Various physical issue that I’ve brought to her have been effectively dealt with and eventually resolved. Clearly I can’t say enough good about what her work has done for me. I approve the aforesaid message.
— David Thomas, 2016

 I offer gift certificates, session packages, family discounts  and economic hardship pricing

Offered in one hour up to two hour sessions, my style of massage is intense but not painful and has been described as restorative, nurturing and reflective.

Medical-specific massage sessions are focused on a particular area of concern, such as a trauma, frozen joint, repetitive motion injury,  or rehabilitation from surgery or cancer. I will work on synergistic and antagonistic muscle groups to support overall healing. This type of massage is normally deep and may involve some stretches. It is considered intense but not painful. Follow-up stretches, hydrotherapy and other 'homework' may be offered. Depending on the severity of the medical concern, weekly or bi-weekly sessions may be suggested.

Reiki Multidimensional  Healings
These half hour to ninety minute sessions include Usui Reiki, chakra balancing and tune up, and the possibility of attachment removal. Working multidimensionally with energetic guidance from my and your spirit guides and ancestors often results in psychic message transfer. These sessions can be done in person or over distance. Notes on the experience are offered.

Massage & Reiki Healing combination sessions are available, click the Learn More About Massage & Reiki Detailed Pricing button above.

Upcoming Classes
and Workshops

Self-Care Classes
Instruction ranges from deep relaxation and meditation, to moving with the breath and simple stretches. In each class, anatomy is occasionally discussed and questions are welcome.

Simple Stretch Classes      

 These classes are offered every Tuesday 6-7pm from September through June. Simple Stretch Class is designed to bring more limber-ness to your body and is appropriate for any age or level of flexibility. In these classes we work through a warm-up and then stretch different areas of the body including the head, neck & TMJ, shoulders, arms & hands, torso, hips, legs, knees & feet. There is a guided meditation at the end. See our workshop page for more info.

Also, find this and other classes on the HEAT Center Facebook page:

Mastering Energy and Reiki Certification Series
This series is for people already aware of and believing in energetic components of life who want more control over their own energy systems. The higher level classes move beyond foundations to working to heal other people, communities, etc.

Classes are based on learning the science behind energy work, some history of the Chakra system and history of Reiki, Reiki attunements, and some things that are more difficult to describe and are learned/experienced through guided meditation & deeper work with the self.

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