Dao In Lung Shen Yoga

Level: All

Facilitator: Rotating Yogis
Dates: Wednesdays
Time: : 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Place: HEAT Center
Capacity: 10 bodies
Cost: $5 donation suggested

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Dao In translates as "cultivating the chi", Lung Shen as "dragon spirit" and Yoga as "union". Dao in Lung Shen Yoga is a system that evolved around 1650 A.D. through the meeting of Chinese Qigong masters and Indian Kundalini masters. As with all forms of yoga, the rewards are many, including increased flexibility, strength, grace, endurance, as well as heightened physical well-being. It has been practiced by Daoist mystics to heal illness, process stress, and slow the aging process and is suitable to all students. 

Bring a yoga mat or blanket for floor exercises.


West African Drumming

Level: All

Facilitator: Kasumu Ja
Dates: Thursdays
Time: : 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Place: HEAT Center
Capacity: 16 drummers
Cost: $10 - $15

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Ade Jembe Fola presents Traditional West African Jembe with Kasumu J.A. every Thursday!

Learn basic techniques and the language of the jembe drum. All skill levels welcome and encouraged.

Kasumu Ja brings his artistry and talent from Nigeria to the HEAT Center and many other venues in Western NY. He has been organizing workshops in African Drum and Dance in the WNY area for over a decade. His teaching style is patient, engaging, challenging and encouraging. 

During the warmer months, if it isn't raining, Kasumu holds this class outside - at the Foot of Ferry, Buffalo NY