Alethea Ball consults with a client.

Alethea Ball consults with a client.

Dynamic Wellness Coaching: Core Energy Coaching to promote confidence, self-acceptance and living 'at choice', Beachbody Fitness Coaching, Intuitive Tarot Readings.

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In session with Alethea you can feel free to sit face-to- walk around the room, knit, doodle, bounce on an exercise ball or relax on a therapeutic table. Always respecting the individuality of her clients; their comfort and safety are of her highest priority.

Alethea Ball
The Dynamic Wellness Coach

Health & Fitness, Core Energy Work, Tarot

Alethea is a life coach working in a style she's developed called Dynamic Wellness Coaching. In 2008, she graduated from iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, after attending the University of New Orleans graduate program for School Counseling in 2005 and receiving her BA in psychology from SUNY Buffalo in 2001. During her time finalizing her  coaching certification, she worked at two institutions serving disadvantaged youth in Lafayette, LA, and San Anselmno, CA. While living in the San Francisco Bay area, Alethea became a priestess in the Wildflower Tradition. Most recently, she has completed Psychic Mediumship Levels 1 and 2 at the Ivy League Psychic Academy, a Life Mastery and Dream Building program, and deepened her study of Tarot divination and energy healing. In June of 2015, her love of nutrition and fitness led to her becoming a Beachbody Fitness Coach.

While she has a natural affinity for working with young people, Alethea specializes in working with anyone who is an active student of life and who is interested in whole-self wellness. Whether attending school, university, or wanting to make a shift affecting inner and outer change, Alethea partners with her clients in stepping into their personal power, encouraging them to trust themselves and live life on their own terms.  Alethea encourages her clients to engage in a fitness program and meal plan as she understands the importance of nutritional and physical health and it's direct affects on one's mental and emotional health. Alethea actively continues to study and expand her awareness, deepening her connection with the higher self, bringing a higher level of consciousness to her work and enhancing her work with clients.

Alethea has always been interested in how people work; why they do, what they do and she believes that nutrition, and connecting with nature, our higher selves, and each other all create an openness to know ourselves better and develop a deep sense of compassion and empathy for others. There is always room for growth and expansion at every point in life and opportunities can be found anywhere. They are available to each one of us and provide joy, self-empowerment, fun, awakening and overall well-being.

Detailed Pricing
Discounted rates for groups of 2 or more

Complementary introductory coaching session: free!
We will meet for the first time to discuss and assess your coaching needs. Future sessions can be in person, over the phone, via Skype, or Zoom. 

Individual coaching session
3-month commitment package - $700. Includes 30-45 minute weekly sessions or longer bi-weekly sessions, homework, follow ups and check-ins. Monthly intensive sessions are $60-$100 and 60-90 minutes.

Intuitive Tarot Readings:
1 hr - $50
30 mins - $25

Alethea’s Workshops in development:
Alethea will be offering workshops in fitness and wellness coaching in 2016!

Fit Club
Free guided workouts coming soon!